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Teach in Vietnam -- How to Get a Work Permit

Education is a thriving professional sector. Whether an educator by trade, by qualifications, or simply hoping to teach and travel, there is seemingly a spot for everyone in the industry. As an example, the field of teaching English as a foreign / second or other language (TEFL / TESOL) is blossoming in many parts of the world. Currently there are so many options, offers, schools, and countries to choose from, it can be challenging to know where to get started. 

What we recommend to prospective teachers is to consider the following ratio. Experiences you can have : money you can save and earn. To do this, something like a PEST analysis can be completed, tracking the political, economical, societal, and technological factors in a given region or country. In this post, Mackington is highlighting Vietnam, a thriving economy that has burst onto the scene over the past few decades. More recently, just in the past few years, there has been a seismic shift in interest from the candidates. Luckily, this has coincided with economic expansion, and the tremendous eager spirit of the Vietnamese community for further education. In short, Vietnam is a great option.

Popular for many reasons, teachers have flocked to Vietnam to enjoy its vast culture, friendly people, delicious food, and the list goes on and on. That said, as above, it can be complicated to know where to get started. Lost in all the development is a set of official rules and guidelines. Confusing and contradictory advice is given online. Moreover, different schools seem to have different rules. Unfortunately, this is indeed the case. This is because different companies have different arrangements with the government. For example, one of our partners is a project under Egroup. By virtue of having 120 centers (and counting) across more than 40 cities, APAX English is disproportionately under the spotlight. Let's take a deeper look at their work permit application process.

Given the spotlight circumstances, please note that these procedures are following the letter of the law with absolute precision. The fees and obligations are not universal. Other schools may require different procedures; other business sectors may requires different items altogether. APAX English requires the teacher to be a native speaker of English (or have native proficiency), to have a TEFL certificate (or equivalent), a bachelor's degree from university, a clean background check, and a health check that can be completed in Vietnam. Prior to arrival, a visa is applied for through APAX. There are also notarization requirements that obligate UK and RSA applicants to get Consular Stamps from the Vietnamese embassies in London and Pretoria respectively. As such, in addition to there being different requirements for different schools, there are also different processes for different nationalities. 

Ultimately upon arrival, the teacher converts their visa into a work permit following the submission of their documents. Once the work permit processes, the teacher can get a residency card. APAX has worked out a sophisticated system for fees the teacher covers, fees the company covers, then awarding bonuses and reimbursements at designated points in the contract. Furthermore, there is raise potential every three months, professional development opportunities, and many chances to explore the beautiful country of Vietnam. More information can be found on their website - https://www.teachapax.com/ - and for you lucky readers you can have access to a secret part of their website here: https://www.teachapax.com/recruiting

If APAX does not appeal to you, there are other options. Or, if you do not meet the prerequisite requirements for employment at APAX, it is still possible to work in Vietnam. All one needs is a business visa in order to legally enter the country in search of employment. From there, organizing tutoring, teaching in various different centers, getting part-time or cover work -- all of these options exist. Just be proactive and make it happen, and let us help you in that endeavor. Please give us a shout if you would like to learn more. The on-boarding process can be completed digitally, so no excuses! Reach me directly at geoffsokol@mackington.com -- we look forward to working with you. 


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